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About us

AIR-LNG, based in Bonn and Luxembourg, is an innovative energy & environmental technology company, dedicated to establishing Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) - generated from fossil or renewable sources - as a main alternative fuel for mobility, complementing and eventually replacing oil-fuels during this 21st Century.

  • AIR-LNG is part of the Gasfin group, (www.gas-fin.com) offering services relevant to all aspects of LNG
  • and possessing the necessary fuel-refining skills and expertise through the entire fuel-chain supply chain.

AIR-LNG and its partners are “manufacturer-independent” project development companies whose shareholders have been involved intensively with the potential of alternative and renewable fuels for engines, gas turbines and fuel cells for many years. This process has led to the simplest, cleanest and most efficient fuel: LNG

Our aim

Setting new standards in the field of new fuels for turbines and engines in all mobile applications by land, waterways and aviation, and also in stationary applications, with regards to:

  • Price, Efficiency and Safety
  • Energy, Environment and Climate Balance
  • Availability, Resources and Sustainability