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As a “manufacturer-independent” project development company, AIR-LNG can take advantage of the globally recognized engineering expertise of its Gasfin Group (www.gas-fin.com) sister companies

  • TGE Gas Engineering GmbH, Bonn, (www.tge-gas.com) with extended expertise in EPC of land based cryogenic gas infrastructures;
  • TGE marine Gas Engineering GmbH, Bonn, (www.tge-marine.com) with extended expertise in EPCM of naval cryogenic gas tankers;
  • Gasfin Development SA, Luxembourg, (www.gasfin.net) for developments of “Mid-scale LNG solutions”;

and cooperates closely in research and development projects with

  • selected national and international companies in the aviation, automobile, marine an energy technology sectors, as well as the LNG infrastructure, and
  • universities, technical universities and relevant institutes.

The activities are controlled and coordinated from AIR-LNG headquarters in Bonn and Luxembourg.

  • AIR-LNG and its partners provide specific, essential technical expertise and experiences within the entire cryogenic LNG infrastructure chain: from raw gas treatment and liquefaction, to LNG tank construction, LNG shipbuilding, LNG distribution and refueling, with LNG stationary and mobile systems.