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  • Feasibility studies on LNG applications in the transport sector (roads, rail, waterways and air)
  • Feasibility studies on LNG applications for power and heat generation
  • Preparation of energy and emission balances
  • Research for the use of LNG in mobile and stationary applications
  • Development of demonstration and pilot systems
  • Project development, implementation and management of LNG applications


Within the scope of the Aeronautical Research Programme LuFo IV-3 conducted by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology, AIR-LNG is currently involved in an approved research commission (FAIR consortium, Future Aircraft Research: EADS, Airbus GmbH, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, MTU Aerospace AG, Airport Hamburg, DLR e.V. and TGE Gas Engineering GmbH) to work on new fuels and energy concepts for aviation.

Ground & Waterways Mobility

Within the targets of the European Commission: COM (2013) 7/12: Clean Power for Transports: a European alternative fuels strategy, followed by the COM (2013) 8/12: Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure, AIR-LNG is currently involved in the development and deployment of small LNG “Clusters” consisting in simple, self-sustaining units liquefying gas from the grid and distributing the LNG for refuelling vehicles either on site or in nearby LNG-CNG refuelling stations.

In this contest, Air-LNG signed a MOU with GE Oil & gas Inc, on April 17th 2013, for the development and the deployment in the European market of the GE “LNG in a Box” system, a most compact, containerized, efficient and self-sustaining unit, suitable for liquefying natural gas from the grid and refuelling with LNG up to 80-100 trucks per day.